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AI-based tours

Planning and designing optimal tours using artificial intelligence based on duration, budget, destination, interests and purpose of the trip and calculating related costs along with coordination for its implementation. Also, we plan to utilize AI algorithms to provide personalized recommendations to tourists based on their previous travel history, preferences, and interests.


Converted household

Designing a comprehensive platform for planning and organizing the vacant residential spaces of households as accommodation centers and earning money for them through the provision of accommodation, transportation, cheap home-made food and tour leadership service along with recruitment, introduction, training, standardization and improvement of places and services. 


Virtual Reality tours

Introducing the existing and new capacities of natural, cultural, educational, health, industrial, agricultural, etc. tourism capacities in the form of virtual tours in 3D and virtual reality. We enhance the virtual tour experience by incorporating interactive elements such as quizzes, games, and puzzles, making it more engaging and entertaining for tourists.

The platform provides cost-effective travel experience with local services and efficient tour planning.

About Us

The ” JourneyJunkie” is created to address the problems faced by tourists in Canada, such as the lack of knowledge about traveling across the country, the lack of promotion of tourist destinations, and the difficulty of planning a trip to Canada. The platform offers a low-cost solution to these problems by providing virtual tours, AI-based tour planning, and accommodation services by converting Canadian households into accommodation centers. The goal is to provide a convenient and easy way for tourists to discover new destinations and experience the best that Canada has to offer.

A tourism management
and organization platform


A tourism management and organization platform aims to solve problems faced by tourists in Canada by offering virtual tours, converting households into accommodation centers, providing transportation, food and tour leadership services, and using AI to plan optimal tours.

Dr. Omid Hajati

the founder and CEO of the company, brings with him 25 years of experience as a manager in various governmental sections, with expertise in planning and budgeting. He holds a PhD degree in economics and has worked as a manager for the Cultural Heritage, Handicraft, and Tourism Organization for about two years. Dr. Hajati’s experience and educational background make him well-suited to lead the company in the tourism industry. With his leadership, the company can leverage his expertise in planning, budgeting, and managing large-scale projects, to ensure the success of the business.

Experience the heart of [destination] like a local, with our affordable VR tours and accommodation services!

Why Choose Us

The JourneyJunkie Platform has several unique competitive advantages over its competitors.
The platform provides a one-stop-shop for travel planning, booking, and organization, including virtual tours, AI-based optimal tour planning, and the integration of local services provided by Canadian households.


By leveraging local services and offering efficient tour planning, the platform aims to provide a cost-effective travel experience for tourists compared to traditional travel booking methods.

AI-based tour planning

The platform uses artificial intelligence to plan optimal tours based on duration, budget, destination, interests, and purpose of the trip, providing a customized and efficient travel experience.

Local services

The platform integrates local services, such as accommodation and transportation provided by Canadian households, offering a unique and personalized travel experience.

Virtual tours

The platform offers virtual tours of tourist destinations in 3D and virtual reality, allowing tourists to experience the destination before visiting in person.


“Travel smarter, not harder, with our low-cost virtual tours and convenient accommodation services.”

Who is our platform suitable for?

JourneyJunkie is a travel platform designed for tourists of all backgrounds and interests looking for an affordable and convenient way to plan and organize their trip to Canada.
In addition to tourists, JourneyJunkie also targets travel agencies, tour operators, and other tourism companies who are looking to offer their customers a comprehensive and convenient travel solution in Canada, allowing them to streamline operations and provide a more personalized and enjoyable travel experience.

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